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दिल्ली बाजार 👉🏻3:00 pm
श्री गणेश 👉🏻 04:20 pm
फरीदाबाद 👉🏻 06:10 pm
गाज़ियाबाद 👉🏻 08:20 pm
गली 👉🏻 11:15 pm
दीसावर 👉🏻 02:00 am

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9520379988. पेमेंट नंबर
⚡ जोड़ी रेट 100 के 9500 रू
⚡ हरुप रेट 100 के 950 रू
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1 बार सेवा का मोका जरूर दे दोस्तो


DESAWER – 01:00am
BANGKOK-11 – 10:00pm
FARIDABAD -- 06:00pm
GHAZIABAD -- 07:30pm
GALI -- 10:00pm




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TIME 05:15 am




TIME 06:15 am




TIME 08:15 am



TIME 11:15 am



TIME 11:11 am




TIME 12:05 am








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{  09, 78, 29, 67,  }


{  O6, 35, 99, 17,  }

[ GALI ]

{  11, 58, 96, 23,  }


{  99, 65, 38, 17,  }

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Satta king

What is A Sattaking?

Satta King is a well-renowned gambling game in India. Along with India, this game is also famous in Indian subcontinents. This game is designed for passionate gamblers who love betting. It was first started in Nepal and then became known in the whole India. In this lottery game, the player needs to select a number between 00 to 99. The real name of the SattaKing is Satta Matka. The word “Satta” means gambling or betting, While the word “Matka” stands for the pot through which numbers are taken out. The person whose number is drawn out of the pot is rewarded with the money prize and the title of Satta King. Satta King is basically the title awarded to the winner of the Satta Matka game. However, as this game became so popular, people started knowing it by Satta King. Many people become addicted to this game which is bad. As we know, this game is banned in India. However, many people in India still participate in this game. The SattaKing is gaining more popularity in India each day. Mostly those people who want to become rich in a short time are players of SattaKing game. If you are a newbie or want any information regarding the Satta game, you have landed on the right website. We provide the latest Satta Matka results and other news to keep our users up-to-date.

History of Satta King

This game was first started in the United States of America that involved betting on the cotton’s closing and opening rates. However, in 1960 the New York’s cotton exchange stopped, and bookies found a new way to draw the random number. Ratan Khatri and Kalyanji Bhagat contributed greatly to this game. In India, this game was first played in 1961 in Mumbai. Rattan Khatri initiated the idea that all numbers between 00 to 99 are written on slips and put in the pot. Then without checking, a random number is drawn out of the pot. In 1962, Kalyanji Bhagat started the game named Warli Matka game. After that, in 1964, a new Worli game was started by Ratan Khatri with some new rules. Kalyanji Bhagat game used to run the whole week, while the Rattan Khatri game runs only 5 days a week. In the time period between 1980 to 1990, Satta King has become so popular that its monthly betting volume raised to almost 500 crores. Due to this reason, it became famous in other parts of India. Suresh Bhagat, Kalyanji Bhagat, and Ratan Khatri are three well-known names in Sattaking, who have earned a lot in this game and are known as Matka King.

What are the different types of Satta Game?

Mainly four types of Satta Matka games are played in India.
Gali Satta king
Faridabad Satta King
Desawar Satta King
Gaziyabad Satta king
Along with these, many khaiwals have started their own games, namely Hidustan, Rajkot, Taj, Peshawar, New Faridabad, and others

What is SattaKing live result?

SattaKing is the best website to get the latest and updated Satta Matka results. It is the most famous gambling game played all over India. In this game, the player can make a good amount of money with a risk and a little investment. No technical knowledge or prior information is required to play the Satta Matka game. You can take part in it through your nearby location and also online. This game highly depends on your luck. You can also check previous result records on our website to get some idea of how random numbers are picked between 00 to 99. If the number you have selected is drawn out of the pot, you will get 90 percent of your invested amount. For example, if you have invested 10 then you will get 900. Although this game is interesting, it is risky as well.

Should we play SattaKing game?

Although the Satta King game is highly interesting, we must tell our users that this game is illegal to play. Many players gain a good amount of money from this game. On the contrary, the player can also lose everything. We suggest our users never invest in this game too seriously and also never become addicted to SattaKing. This is because it can ruin your future. Many players sell their everything to pay Khaiwals after losing the game. If you want to play Satta game, then play at your own risk. Nowadays, various alternatives of Satta King game are available that are legal in India, like a dream 11, playing 11, and many others. You can develop your own players and play without any risk.

How to find the perfect winning number in SattaKing game?

To make money from SattaKing game, all you need is the winning number. No specific technique or mathematical formula is available अप to calculate the number. People just guess the number by looking at the previous records of the Satta game. Many bookies claims that they provide the predicted number to the players. They demand a big amount for this. However, their provided number doesn’t have to be the winning number necessarily.
They also provide a random number based on their previous experience. Sometimes, they also claim they have direct contact with the companies and will provide the leaked number, which is not true.

What happens when you play SattaMatka?

Many people have a wrong concept in mind that they start playing SattaKing and become so rich immediately. But this is not true at all. Such people get trapped in the Satta game so easily and lose everything they have.
As we have already described, only one number out of 100 is drawn out of the pot. This means that only one person will win out of the 100. The remaining 99 will lose ultimately. People who play and participate in this game so intensively are completely ruined.

What is the reality of the Satta Matka game?

Different people have various views about Satta King game. Many people call it a gambling game, Satta King, Satta Matka, and such others. The number that is drawn out of the pot should be done at the front of every participant. This thing makes the game more suspicious. Because we think they took out the slip on which very few people bet so that they can have more profit. Most players call it a game of luck. I think we should avoid such gambling.

Tricks to win the Satta king game?

People are looking for Satta King tricks and tips everywhere on the internet. Players waste their time by watching YouTube tutorials but can still not find anything. They are even ready to pay an extra huge amount of money for the leaked number. However, you can never get the leaked number. This is just the trick followed by the companies to get money from you. You can get some predictions by looking at the previous results of Satta King market like Ghaziabad, Desawar, Faridabad, Gali, and others. Then you need to keep the pattern of the result open of the previous records in your mind. This is free of a cost trick that you can use to predict the Satta King number. The Satta game tricks can help you greatly in winning the SattaKing game.

How much profit can you make from Satta Matka?

For example, if you bid 10 rupees on a number, you will get 10*90 = 900 rupees if that number is opened. Likewise, the user gets 1800 rupees for 20, 4500 for 50. You can bid with respect to your own budget.

How to play the Satta game?

Satta king is a lottery-based game in which millions of players participate online and offline. People bet on the number of their choice. The person who wins the game will get rewarded by the company as per rules. This game is entirely illegal to play. If someone caught you playing Sattaking, you might get arrested. The government is trying best practices to stop this game. There are different games in the Satta King market like Faridabad, Gali, Desawar, Ghaziabad, and others. The results of the Sattaking game are announced at a predefined time by the company. Results of every Satta game is available on our website.

What is Satta King?

Satta King, or Satta Matka, is a gambling game that was initiated in the 1950s. This lottery game started before the independence of India. Although gambling is banned in India, however many people still participate in trying their luck. Moreover, it is legal online. Satta stands for bet or gambling, while the Matka means pot by which numbers are drawn out. Different numbers are written on the slips in this game, and people gamble money on their chosen number varying from 00 to 99. A person whose number is drawn out of the pot is awarded money and the title of Satta king. All other people lose their money. The company predetermines the time for drawing out the number. Satta king has become famous among people, and hundreds of people are actively taking part in it.

History of Satta King?

Satta king online is a lottery game that originated as estimating the rates of the cotton transferred from any cotton exchange. At the time, the price of cotton varies each day. People gamble on the price of cotton received by the Bombay Cotton Exchange from the New York Cotton Exchange. The numbers were received in the Bharat through teleprinters. In 1961, cotton exchange was stoped by the New York then, gamblers tried to find a way to make it keep going. In 1962, Kalyanji Bhagat, the owner of a grocery shop in Worli, set new rules and declared that even the poorest person could bet it with 1 rupees only. After two years, Ratan Khatri made some changes in the rules of the game and resumed the New Worli Matka. The Kalyanji Bhagat’s run every day, while the Ratan’s Matka runs only six days a week. When textile mills became more famous in India, many mill workers got attracted to this game. At that time, central Mumbai became the focal point of the Matka. Many bookies started opening their shops near mills to get more customers. Matka game was at the peak between 1980 to 1990. We can say that there was a business of almost 500 crores per month. However, due to the police involvement in this game, Matka faced a lot of damage, and bookies were forced to take their shops out of the city. The gamblers also started investing money in cricket and other games. Furthermore, when Kalyanji Bhagat’s son was killed in 2008, the Matka game was almost ended completely. However, many Matka types are still famous, like Delhi Bazaar, Gali, Faridabad, JD Durga, Faridabad, etc.

Types of SattaKing

There is an extensive list of Satta kings games that is played all over India. To date, you may find almost more than a hundred types of online Satta king fast games. When people started playing this game, they named it’s after various cities, places. Among these four game types are highly common and are played globally, which we have mentioned below.
Desawar Satta King
Gaziyabad Satta King
Faridabad Satta king
Gali Satta king

How to play Satta king online?

In the Satta King game, people gamble bets on their chosen number that vary between 00 to 99. After that person contact to khaiwal of that specific area. Khaiwal is basically a middle man between game operator and gambler. Khaiwal is responsible for collecting the money and number and sending it to the company. Once the winner is announced, khaiwal receives money from the company and delivers it to the gambler. The company opens the random number at a pre-defined time. The winner will receive more than 90 percent money he gambled.

Is Satta king illegal?

Satta Matka is legal in India but only on online platforms. As it is banned in almost every part of the country, you will get in huge trouble if you get caught playing this game. Still, hundreds of people are playing this game, which makes it famous in India.

What is the method to get effective number in the Satta King?

Most people prefer to play the Satta Matka game as it is simple, and you need to make guessing between 0 to 9. You just need to perform some practices and follow some guides to become successful in this game. Many people are playing this game in their regular life because it is a very interesting game. 
For example, you choose three numbers between 0-9. Suppose you have selected 4, 5, 6. These numbers are then getting the final number calculated up to (4+5+6) that is 15. You can utilize only the last digit of the number, which in this case is 5. So, your primary draw would be 4, 5, 6*5.  
There is no scientific equation available to draw this number. You can also check the old records to succeed in this game. If you play the game this way, you will surely win the game.

What is the real Satta Matka game?

People have different views regarding Satta King fast game. Some people call it a game of luck, while some consider it totally illegal. The slip from the Matka is not removed in front of every participant, which raises questions in everyone’s mind. We think Satta king declares the result in which only a few people invest money so that they can make a huge profit from it. The story of this game is totally different from what we think of it. If you are not good enough in this game, then it is better to stay away from it. In other cases, invest your money, keep patience and try your luck.

Where to get Satta’s result?

In this era of modern technology, getting Satta results is not a big deal at all. Hundreds of websites are available which provide live Satta results on their portals. These websites offer results of different Satta types, including Faridabad result, Gaziyabad result, Disawar result, Gali results, and many others. You just need to search, and you will get the result immediately. The company fixes the result timing. For example, the Faridabad result will be announced at 6:15 PM, Disawar at 5:00 PM, and so on. People impatiently wait for the result in which they have invested the money. You can also the result through your Khaiwal. Khaiwal is the person who can provide you fastest result. Some people also run the groups for Satta results. You can also join these groups.

Why is Satta king so famous in India?

People who want to earn money quickly usually get involved in games like Satta King. Another situation that may push people towards this game is unemployment. There is no rule or a specific amount that you must have to play this game. The ease of access and playing attract many players towards it. It is gaining more and more attention from the people and is becoming viral in India. 

Why should you play Satta king online?

We suggest everyone playing the Satta king game online. Why? Because it is super easy to play this game in the world of the internet. If you want to get rid of the administration, playing this game online is a good example. It is not easy to get caught in the internet world. However, we must tell you that this game is illegal to play. If you are still interested in playing the Satta King game, then simply go to the play store, and there you will find different apps. You can use these apps to invest money and play the game online.

What are the tricks to win the Satta King game?

People who are addicted to Satta king fast are always ready to invest their time and energy to find out the Satta cheats on the internet. In this section, some best tips to win the Satta Matka game. You must need to have a proper plan in your mind, which will help dominate any game of the Satta king. You should also follow the example of any famous market of the Satta King like you can follow the schedule of Gali, Desawar, Faridabad, Ghaziabad. By doing so, you will have the idea of the opening of this game over the previous year. This simple and free stunt can help you in winning the Satta King game. Skip your misfortunes in the game by applying some simple tricks in the game.

How much profit can you make from Satta king?

It is super easy to calculate how much profit you can make from the Satta king game. 

For example, if you bet 20 rupees on a number and your number is opened, you will ultimately get 20*90= 1800 rupees. In other words, you will get 90 times the amount you have invested. Likewise, if you have invested 10 rupees, you will get 900, 3600 for 30 rupees, and so on. No bound on the amount of money and numbers. You can play on multiple numbers as well.

What happens when you play the Satta king game?

Many people start playing this game with a misconception that they will earn a giant profit without any loss, completely wrong. Such people lose everything and ruin their lives. As we have mentioned before, only one person gets out from 00 to 99, which means only one person gets a lottery, and everyone else will ultimately lose. The chance of winning in this game is only 1 percent every time. So, by playing this game, you are putting yourself and your money at high risk. If you want to play this game, then start playing it by keeping in mind that you can lose every time as well.

What is Satta King Record Chart?

Satta king’s record chart basically combines Satta results of all famous Satta king games in the market. The result of every game is declared on a daily basis on a fixed time that the company announces. The user usually mixes the old result with the new one. This is because the site owner has created the page to display the new and old Satta king game results. The Satta king chart plays a crucial role as they help the user extract the lucky number, which we can also call the Satta leak number in the Satta king Market. This chart is the main thing that helps the website to stand in the highly competitive market. Different websites are available which provide results of all the best games of the Satta king market. Every website is trying to keep the clients updated about the latest results of the Satta Matka. On our website, you can find the Satta record chart of the famous game of Satta bazaar-like Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Gali Satta king, Desawar Satta king, and many others.

What are the different opportunities in the Satta King game?

The highly adaptable structure of Satta King online attracts many people towards it. You can play and participate in this game anywhere you want. Currently, there are different types of Satta king. However, four are most well-renowned. All of these four have their own outcomes, record tables, results in announcement dates. The player can take part in these types from anywhere, which indicates the flexibility of this game. The results of each structure are shown as their report and are available on websites. All the outcomes are displayed in the record table. All game types operate without any issue. An approved individual select the Khaiwal which collect money and number every day. Among all types, Gali Satta king and Desawar are the most played games.

Where to get the fast Satta King result?

Hundreds of people participate in the Sattaking game as they are addicted to it. They don’t care about their money and time; they just want to play it. Players bet daily on different games of the Matka, including Faridabad, Gali, Ghaziabad, and others. The company decides the resulting timing of these games. People wait for every result in which they have invested. To get a fast result, you can keep checking on different online websites and contact Khaiwal

How to play the Satta king game?

The Satta King fast game is super easy to play. You just need to stay active and straightforward before playing this game. Satta king is a number-based game, and the result depends on the number that you have selected. You can play Satta Matka both online as well as offline. In order to play offline, you need to visit the Khaiwal area, while in the online game, you just need to download the Satta king application. The strategy of playing the game is nearly the same in both modes. You will have to choose the number between 00 to 99 and wait until the results of that specific game show up. You can pick any game on which you want to bet. You can also make your own various technique to choose the number

Should we play the Satta King game?

We all know that this game is quite interesting and many people have become rich by playing this game. However, on the other side, this game has ruined the lives of many people. If you have become addicted to this game and you can’t just resist it, then we highly recommend you try avoiding this game. This is because it can destroy your future, and it is also banned in India. If you prevent this game, it will be good for you and your family too. This game contains a lot of risks. After losing, many people have to sell everything in order to survive. After knowing all these risks, if you still want to play it, then you can play at your own choice. Nowadays, different alternatives of the Satta king are also available that are available in India, like gambling in cricket like a dream 11, playing 11, and much more. You can develop your own team and play safely without any risk.

How can you follow the Satta King Jodi?

Satta king online is the game of luck, and if you want to win each and every game of the Satta king, then we are here to help you. You can win this game without wasting any of your money and time. Every Satta king declares its results using some formulas and techniques, so you must also choose the number by following some techniques. Many tricks help in winning the Satta king hame daily. You can take help online like from Google and YouTube. You can also visit various websites and check the previous results to get an idea about the Satta result opening pattern. In order to follow the Satta king Jodi, you must need to know the technique of extracting the upcoming number for the old chart of the Satta Matka available on our website. If you want to get more information, it is better to contact someone who is an expert in this game. You can connect to these people to gain more profit in return for their fee that is only ten percent of the winning amount.

How to get the Satta Matka leak number?

Everyone involved in Satta king wants to get the leaked number of Dishawar, Faridabad, Gali, and Gaziyabad to make a huge profit. If you search on Google, many people claim to provide the Satta King leak Jodi from the company. However, they charge a huge amount for this. If you are thinking of going with this approach, we highly recommend you think twice as you will have to pay a giant amount. They don’t have any connection with the company. In fact, these individuals just provide a random number by saying that it is a leak number. Some people may ask you to pay in advance, while others may ask for some percentage in the winning amount. If you are investing huge money on a certain number, then after winning, you will have to pay some specific percentage to a person from whom you have received the leaked number. We must tell you there is no way through which you can get the leaked number for the Satta king.


You are viewing and checking this website at your own risk. We must warn you that Satta king is illegal in India. We don’t run any Satta Matka company and has no connection with the Satta king company. If someone asks you for money, pay at your own risk. Take every decision on your own. We are not responsible for anything. We respect every law of our country. You can leave it right away if you do not agree without a disclaimer.

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